Join the Middle Georgia Multiple Listing Service

Participation in the Middle Georgia Multiple Listing Service is available to real estate agents with valid real estate licenses and whose Broker has joined as an office. Certified appraisers may also be able to participate in the Middle Georgia MLS.

Rules & Regulations
Subscriber Application Brokerage Application

Real Estate Membership Fees

  • Start-up fees for a company include a $1,500 initiation fee, along with the first month’s broker/office membership monthly dues of $100
  • The fees are $100 a month for broker/office and $40 a month per licensee
  • We do not charge listing input fees, transaction fees, or for pending and MLS signage

Appraiser Membership Fees

  • Start-up as a new appraiser/company includes a one-time $250 initiation fee
  • The monthly fees are $85 per appraiser